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[Out-patient service appointment registration information]
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Speech Telephone RegistrationĄG886-2-27173701
Whole day (Appointment for the following day will be close at
Artificial Telephone RegistrationĄG886-2-27173466
07:00 ~ 17:00Ą@(Saturday until 12:00)
Hepatic Reservoir out-patient serviceĄG
886-2-27135211 #3332 (Register from 08:30)
Beauty Center Appointment TelephoneĄG886-2-27135234
(Register from 08:30)
Appointment RegistrationĄG07:30 ~ 16:30
(Saturday until 12:00)
Early Morning ClinicĄG07:00 ~ 08:30
(Before 07:30 register in the Emergency Front Desk)
Morning ClinicĄG07:30 ~ 11:00
(Sunday before 08:00 register in the Emergency Front Desk, after that register in the Inpatient Service Front Desk)
Afternoon ClinicĄG07:30 ~ 16:00
(Saturday after 12:00 register in the Inpatient Service Front Desk)
Night ClinicĄG07:30 ~ 19:30
Telephone or on-site appointment registration service is for the period of out-patient office hours within the same day and previous fourteen days before visit.
n If you are unable to come here after completingppointment registration, please cancel it one day in advance by telephone or Internet.
New patients should come to the registration front desk to fill out the "New Patient Information Sheet" and complete check in procedure half hour earlier before the appointment.
After completing appointment registration, please refer to the appointed schedule coming to the clinic waiting room to visit the doctor in sequence. If your sequence number has passed, please tell the clinic nurse in order to arrange in the next few number visit.
The Registration Fee and other costs are paid after the doctor visit. When you need to take medicine, please take the doctor's prescription sheet to wait for the light showing your sequent number then checkup the volume of prescription drugs.
If you register for two different doctor visits within the same out-patient office hour, you should visit doctors in proper order as followĄG
Ą÷ (1)
If you register two different doctor visits in the same out-patient office hour all before the appointment day, you should take priority of the doctor that the appointed schedule earlier.
Ą÷ (2)
If you register each one of the two different doctor visits before the appointment day and at the appointment day, or register two different doctor visits at the appointment day, you should take priority of the doctor that you register earlier.
If your age is below seventeen years old, please register the children related department.
Early Morning Office HoursĄG07:30 ~ 09:00
Morning Office HoursĄG09:00 ~ 12:00 (Pedodontics and General Dentistry begin the doctor visit at 08:30ĄAOphthalmo-
logy begin to examine at 08:45 before the doctor visit)
Afternoon Office HoursĄG14:00 ~ 17:00 (Pedodontics and General Dentistry begin the doctor visit at 13:30ĄAOphthalmo-logy begin to examine at 13:45 before the doctor visit)
Night Office HoursĄG18:00 ~ 20:30
If each clinic has too many patients must postpone the office hour, various end hours mentioned above will accommodate extension.
Medical Consultative Desk (including Referral Visit)ĄG
886-2-27135211 #3333
08:30 ~ 16:30
Home Care Nursing ServiceĄG886-3-3281200 #8621
08:00 ~ 16:00
Volunteer Service Front DeskĄG886-2-27135211
09:00 ~ 12:00 and 13:00 ~ 16:00
18:00 ~ 21:00
Holiday Morning
Health insurance personal status Registration FeeĄG
NT$ 100 Dollars (Emergency CareĄGNT$ 170 dollars)
Health insurance personal status Copayment CostĄG
NT$ 210 Dollars (Dentistry, Chinese MedicineĄGNT$ 50 dollars, Prescription ChargeĄGNT$ 20~300 Dollars, Emergency CareĄGNT$ 420 dollars)
Low-income card and handicapped manual holders are exempted from the above costs.
Taipei city below three years old children medical supplementary proved holders are exempted from the Emergency Care Registration Fee and Copayment costs. (Only handicapped people are granted exemption of the Prescription Copayment Charge listing above)
Above 70 years old elders are granted exemption of the Registration Fee.
The self-provided personal status Registration FeeĄG
NT$ 100 Dollars (Emergency CareĄGNT$ 170 dollars)
The self-provided personal status Treatment FeeĄG
ENT, Obstetrics/Gynecology and Radiation Oncology NT$ 30 Dollars
The self-provided personal status Doctor Diagnosis and Examination FeeĄG
Cranial Nerve Medicine, Psychiatry˘w NT$ 250 dollars
Emergency Care˘w NT$ 310 dollars
Other Department Service˘w NT$ 210 dollars
Prepare the right (following) data before registrationĄG
Step 1ĄG Which week of the month will come to the
Step 2ĄG  Doctor Code Number
Step 3ĄG  Medical Record Number
Special Speech Telephone Line Operating InstructionĄG
Step 1ĄG Dial Special Speech Telephone Line
Step 2ĄG Use Mandarin pronunciation please pressĄG1
Use Taiwanese Language pronunciation
please pressĄG2
Step 3ĄG Appointment Registration please pressĄG1
Query Registration
please pressĄG2
The registered data query
the particular doctor office hour query
query the doctor code number by clinic department
  Cancel Registration please pressĄG3
Step 4ĄG The rest please follow the phonic instruction
to operate.
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