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Research director wanted for the Chang Gung Medical Education Research Centre in Taiwan
The Chang Gung Memorial Hospital organization looking for a research director for its recently established Research Centre in Medical Education. The development of this Research Centre is firmly embedded in the values and traditions of the organization. Central in these values are parsimony, goal orientation and social justice and they recognize the need for a strong connection between quality of healthcare, quality of education, and quality of educational research and development. High-quality healthcare cannot exist without high-quality healthcare professionals. The development of such healthcare professionals therefore requires education which is founded on sound rationales and research outcomes. A research centre that will not only pursue own active research projects, but also will be the catalyst for the development of educational knowledge and expertise in the organization is therefore essential in the enactment of Chang Gung Memorial Hospital’s vision. It will be strongly supported from the top of the organization.
Appendix 1. Key roles , responsibilities and Requirement
Appendix 2. Position description
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