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LInterdisciplinary cooperation, Service improvement
Joint outpatient service.
  ecognizing the importance of integrate inter-disciplinary treatment, our hospital started a joint outpatient service in July of 1998. To ensure a high quality of care, all outpatients will be treated by the physician-in-charge of the involved departments. Currently, the joint services that have been established are for head and neck tumors,
  breast cancer, diabetes and osteoporosis.
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Integrating Traditional Chinese and WesternMedicines, Pursuing the Excellence of health care
Joint Outpatient and Inpatient service of Chinese and Western medicines.
  Our hospital offers western medical services with modern technology. To establish a new model of Chinese medicine, modernize Chinese medicine,and combine Chinese medicines with advanced medical technology for the purposes of research thus enhancing its development. In July 1996, the department of Chinese medicines was
  established. In August of the same year, the Chinese medicine outpatient service was opened to patients. An inpatient service established in September 1998. In April 1998, the Chinese and western medical treatment teamed up to create the "Chinese and Western joint medical service." The program includes patients with arhritis, cerical cancer, nasa pharyngeal cancer, and diabetes mellitus. This brings together Chinese medical practitioners and physicians from the departments of Rheumatology, Immunology, Metabolism, Gynecology, and Radiation Therapy. We hope such service models will enable us to create greater convenience and provide improved quality of care to our patients.
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Creation of new life
Assisted Reproductive Technique Center (ART).
  To meet the needs of patients with infertility and reproductive endocrine disorders, our hospital established the assisted reproductive technique (ART) center. This center provides anonymity and tranquillity for those who need to resolve infertility problems.All of the reproductive techniques including artificial insemination, IVF-ET, ICSI,
  blastocyst transfer and preimplantation genetic diagnosis are available in our center, along with infertility counseling.
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Independent, Full service, and Friendly Medical environment for Children.
  The future of our country lies in our children, and it is the hospital¡¦s responsibility to offer the best medical treatment to ensure their healthy future. In April 1993, the first children's hospital was established in Linkou and in November 1995, an additional one was set up in Kaohsiung. These hospitals recruited medical and nursing staff
  specialized in pediatric medicine to provide comprehensive medical care to the children.
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