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Keelung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital
¡@Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Keelung has 17-years history from being opened in April 1985. From the beginning, we deserve our reputation and provide the best medical service in Keelung. However, the original supply of beds was not enough to meet the need any more. We had difficulty in advancement of medical service, and the medical-nursing community, which has been expected by employees always run low.

Chairman has always been concerned about the development of Keelung. So, he purchased the land for the second branch of the hospital that covered 7 hectares to provide the extension of the Keelung branch, and began the construction of the building on February 12, 2001.

The second branch includes medical-nursing community, child-care center, kindergarten, medical building, and research building. All amounts 23,000 floor spaces of buildings and 12,000 grassplots. At present, the department of health, Taiwan, R.O.C has approved of that branch of hospital adds to 260 beds for regular case and 200 beds for nursing care.

The new branch hospital is located at Lover's Lake area where is quiet and peaceful, and convenient for transportation. The newly dormitory constructed will be used in March 2003, and the employees of CGMH in Keelung will have an integrated medical- nursing community. Medical building and research building will book to complete construction in succession about two years. Keelung branch hospital will devote our strength and talents to develop the hospital as an academic medical center.


Total area of buildings¡G1386.6 ping
Scale Medical Building (2-story basement and 13-story building)
Tertiary Teaching Hospital, and 22 clinical departments
Number of Beds 856, including 44 ICU beds
Number of Patients An average of more than 3000 outpatients, and 220 emergency room patients, daily.
Number of Staffs Physician¡G171 personnel Other
Staffs¡G1250 personnel
ADD¡G222, Maijin Road, Keelung, Taiwan, R.O.C
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