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Chiayi Chang Gung Memorial Hospital
The First Medical Bio-Tech Park in the World
¡@After preparing for 4 years, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Chiayi had opened in Dec. 2001. It realized the aspiration of Chairman Wang to repay his second hometown-Chiayi, and also declared a brilliant ten-year development plan for the first medical bio-tech park in the world.
For the last year, we have served high quality inpatient, outpatient and emergency care as medical-center level for the inhabitant of middle-southern Taiwan. In the future, we hope to combine clinical medicine, education, research, living functions and acute hospital, rehabilitation and cancer center, nursing home, retirement home for the elder in the 80-hectare park area.

The First E-Hospital in Taiwan
¡@Accumulating past 25 year's experience, Chang-Gung Memorial Hospital in Chiayi is established as the first "e-hospital" in Taiwan. In order to provide continuing and complete care, we apply computerized information technology in internal service process and external integration of healthcare system. It not only improves the accuracy of diagnose, raises the efficiency of management, provides more possible ways to medical research and education, but also accelerates the medical resources sharing with regional clinic practitioners.

Future Vision
¡@The investment plan amounts to 26 billion dollars including a 3000-bed medical center, a 2000-bed nursing home, a 2000 retirement home for the elder, and a 6000-student institute of technology. "We believe it will be a milestone leading to the paradigm of excellence, and expedite local prosperity simultaneously," superintendent of Chiayi. Mr. Jeng-Yi Wang said.


Total area of buildings: 82252m2
Scale Medical Building (2-story basement and 6-story building)
Tertiary Teaching Hospital
Number of Beds 679, including ICU 50 beds, NBC 12 beds, BR 20 beds, ER OBN 35 beds
Number of Patients An average of more than 2200 outpatients, 600 inpatients, 150 ER patient, daily
Number of Staffs Physicians: 101 personnel
Nurses: 404 personnel
Other Staffs: 562 personnel
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