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  Our reproductive medical center in Taipei consists of a group of professional workers afford you all kinds of consultation and treatment for infertility.

Our center is on the 12th floor of CGMH with confortable inviroment and an independent outpatient unit is also designed for better communication between doctors and patients.

Our specialized consultant Miss Lee have been working in the field for more than 20 years¡O She is able to serve you all the details and helps during the courses of the treatment.

Our doctors are all well trained and experienced in either Laproscopic surgery or in infertility treatment¡A We afford you all kinds of treatment including IUI¡AICSI¡AIVF/ET¡A
GIFT¡ATET,AHA and Blastocyst transfer with reasonable rate.

Our lab is handled by two experienced technicians working in the field about 10 years¡OYou can have all kinds of examination and treatment with great successful rate under their strict control of the Lab.
¡@comming soon¡@
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