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Professional social workers, combining compassion with professionalism
  The department of social services was established from the hospital's inception acknowledging the patient's central importance in the mandate of the hospital. The department offers services to the patients, directly and indirectly, through well-trained professional social workers. They assist patients to resolve various kinds of social
  and psychological problems caused by their diseases. They help patients make appropriatetreatment decisions and help patients integrate back into society.
Angel's heart, loving concern
Volunteer service.
  In March 1981, the hospital established the LinKou College Students Volunteer Service Team. We organize young people who are willing to spread love and warmth throughout the hospital. With hospital expansion, there are now seven volunteer service teams among our four hospitals. CGMH should give you the feeling of warmth and caring whenever you
  enter our corridors.
Strengthening the relations among relatives and neighbors
Community service.
  Believing in serving mankind, we give back what we have taken from the society. Our hospital serves not only those patients within the hospital confines but also reaches our into the community. Comprehensive community service is offered by sending medical specialists, social workers and volunteer workers to selected homes to
  visit patients in need.
Respectful to individual piritualneeds
Spiritual service.
Our hospital respects the individual needs of patients. We have set up a Buddhist niche as well as Christian and Catholic chapels in each hospital to serve the spiritual needs of patients and their families.
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